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Community Information

Town of Bridgeton Guidelines

The Town of Bridgeton is governed by the Board of Commissioners and a Mayor.  The Town meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm and the public is invited to attend.  Citizens are also invited to speak during the Citizens Input portion of the agenda.  Please fill out a Citizens Input Form so that we can add you to the agenda no later than Friday before the meeting.  Additional information is available on this website.

Trash and recycling are collected each Wednesday by GFL.  The Town pays for residents recycling pickup.  The sticker for trash is $3.00 and is available at local stores.  GFL can be reached for questions at (252) 638-1366.  Town Hall has recycling containers for residents.  

Leaf and limb pickup is handled by the Town's Public Works.  They should not be more than 5 inches in diameter  and not more than 3 feet long.  If you have a tree professionally removed, the contractor must haul away all debris.  Monday and Friday are the pick up days for debris.  NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS OR FURNATURE ACCEPTED.

Water service for the Town of Bridgeton residents is provided by First Craven Sanitary District.  Their phone number is (252) 633-6500.

Sewer is billed directly by the Town of Bridgeton Sewer Department.  It is a separate bill from the First Craven Sanitary Bill.  For Sewer Related questions please contact Town Hall at (252) 637-3697.

Bridgeton has our own Police Department, hours may vary.  In case of no police officer on duty the Craven County Sherriff's Office covers the Town.  The Bridgeton Police Department phone number is (252) 637-2033 the officer on duty cell phone number is (252) 670-8379.


Bridgeton has our own inspections, Fire and Zoning Departments.  These all come through Town Hall.  The Floodplain Administrator is also located at Town Hall but appointments are necessary.

For Building Permits please come to Town Hall.

There is NO PARKING ON ANY SIDEWALK IN BRIDGETON and cars will be ticketed.

Bridgeton has Ordinances banning JUNKED CARS AND UNLICENSED JUNK CARS.

We also have a leach law as well as a "poop scooping" enforced ordinance.

For additional information, please call Town Hall at (252) 637-3697 or stop by Town Hall where we will be glad to answer any questions.

Town of Bridgeton Board of Commissioners


Bridgeton Community Watch invites you to attend our monthly meeting on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.  The meetings are held at the Bridgeton Police Department and all are welcome.

Become a member and be part of the community support for our Bridgeton Police Department.  Learn about police activities direct from our officers.  Learn ways to promote community safety.  Assist in community programs such as First Responder Dinner and other fun community events!

Questions?  Contact us at


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