Bridgeton Town Council

The Town of Bridgeton is governed by a Council / Mayor form of government. The elected Town Council works through the Mayor and Town Clerk to manage the day-to-day operations of municipal services and government.

The mayor and all four members of the Bridgeton Town Council are elected at-large by the citizens of Bridgeton in November on even-numbered years. All serve four year terms, staggered to where there are always 2 existing members on the board.

The Town of Bridgeton Council meets regularly during the second Tuesday of each month in the Town Hall building located at 202 North B Street. Meetings usually start at 7:00 p.m. Public hearings at regular meetings are usually scheduled for 7 p.m. Public comments can be made as a scheduled public appearance (scheduled in advance of the meeting) or under the "Comments from the Public" portion of the agenda. The Town Council also may hold special meetings at other times. 

Meeting times are announced in the New Bern Sun Journal.  Contact the City Clerk at (252) 637-3697 regarding business for the town Council.

Current Council:


John R. Chittick

511 B Street

Bridgeton, NC 28519

Council Members:

David Cuthrell

100 Hickory Street

Bridgeton, NC 28519

Ray Parker

717 N A Street

Bridgeton, NC 28519

Keith Tyndall

207 N A Street

Bridgeton, NC 28519

Peggy Wilson

ESTH #37

Bridgeton, NC 28519

Town Clerk:

Tonya Whitley Bell

202 North B Street

Bridgeton, NC 28519

(252) 637-3697