Randy Alexander


1.  What do you think are Bridgeton’s biggest assets?


Our citizens and our police force.


Our citizens are our biggest asset.  The response to Hurricane Florence is just one example of people coming together to help each other.  People truly care about their neighbors and want to support our great town.


Our police department is absolutely dedicated to ensuring we live in a safe environment.


2.  What do you think is Bridgeton’s biggest challenge?


While the management of the continued growth of Bridgeton will be a challenge, it presents a great opportunity.


One issue we must address is the expansion of the sewage plant system.  This will be critical as we look to expand our town regarding new businesses and residential housing.


We need to address the properties within town that are in distress.


3.  What qualifications do you have that make you a right fit for the position?


In terms of my professional experience, I have held positions of CEO for two organizations and over the past 15 years operated my own organization as a business consultant.As a CEO and business consultant I have experience identifying projects and moving them forward to completion.


Most important I love Bridgeton and as a Christian will work for the good of all citizens.


4.  What do you hope to accomplish in your role as commissioner?

First, be a team player and be open to hear from citizens regarding concerns and ideas that would make Bridgeton better.


Secondly, use my business and team building background to benefit the leadership of our town.


5.  What improvements do you want to see while you are in office?

I would like to see more communication with our citizens regarding the critical issues we are addressing.This would include financial information, including any expense variances compared to approved budgets.


6.  Any other comments?


Whether or not I am elected as commissioner, I will continue to support our town as a member of Community Watch, Bridgeton United Methodist Church, Bridgeton Police Christmas Outreach, and other opportunities to serve.Finally, thanks to all involved for this opportunity to inform citizens on my positions on these matters.