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Peggie Wilson

1. Biggest assets for Bridgeton are the marina and the park where the old elementary school was. 


2. Bridgeton biggest challenge is growing. The town is growing but it feels to me everyone wants it to stay the same. 


3. I served one term already and have learned a lot. Still much to learn as you can't learn it all the first time around. Have been a Bridgeton resident for 24 years and run a successful 501C3. 


4. I would like to see more use of the parks and have more events. Give people outside of Bridgeton a reason to come to our town. 


5.  I want the community to grow and for residents to work as a community. Would like to see more of the dilapidated houses be torn down. Have the sidewalks cleaned up and more appealing to those that walk. Find a way to get the low lying roads to stop pooling with water everytime it rains. 

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